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Reach new heights in our 2017 after school programs

Club and Tween Fall sessions start the week of September 11th

Registration Forms: AfterSchoolRegistration  complete drop off downtown or scan and email to:

Or use ON-LINE FORM using PayPal  …….don’t forget to:  FILL OUT ON-LINE WAIVER (if you have not completed one since Sept 2016)

yt 3 Kids love to climb!
 We love to see children’s natural urge to scramble up things (trees, furniture, etc) directed into an activity that will play a positive role in their lives.

At Climbmax we are committed to offering FUN and educational after school climbing programs for a broad range of abilities and ages. We begin with  Climbing Club in Kindergarten and offer progressive programs that grow with your child’s development, Tween, for those who have progressed and our  programs go all the way up to the ClimbMax Climbing Team where young teens  practice focused skills with dedicated training sessions.

The more you climb, the better you get! The better you get the more fun it is. To help facilitate more climbing all After-school participants and their parents can purchase a monthly unlimited pass for additional climbing at 40% off regular pricing during the time they are enrolled in any of our youth programs.

With noted exception ALL after school programs are held at our downtown location at 43 Wall St

 Not sure which program OR do you have questions about These programs ?  CLUB and TWEEN  contact  Matt Baetzhold for TEAM PROGRAMS contact Phil Whitlock


(ages 5-11) * Downtown location
Wednesday 3:45 – 5:15pm
*recommended for first-time, and the youngest climbers
Thursday 3:45 – 5:15pm 
*recommended for returning Climbers
Length of session: 1.5 hrs              Number of classes: 10
Price: $135.00 (harness and climbing included)

After-school clubs offer a supervised environment for young climbers to discover and enjoy climbing with their peers. Our instructors lead fun and educational climbing games, activities, and allow for plenty of free climbing time as well. Club meets once a week.  Parents can choose from two different days for this program; though, we attempt to divide the curriculum for two separate club sessions so that previous club climbers can practice what they know and progress their climbing skills while still having lots of fun! Regardless of the day, our club program will allow a chance for climbers to learn all the basics of climbing at their own pace with lots of fun and games!


(ages 11-13) * Downtown location  yt-2

Wednesday 5:30 – 7:00pm 
*recommended for new/beginner-level climbers
Thursday 5:30 – 7:00pm 
*recommended for climbers who feel comfortable belaying and learning more advanced climbing techniques
Length of session: 1.5 hrs
Number of classes: 5
Price: $145.00 (harness and climbing included)

The ‘Tween’ program offers a supervised environment for young, progressing climber. There will be plenty of time for climbing fun and games, however more dedicated time will be devoted to specific climbing skills, rope management, and advanced techniques.  This program is reserved for the climber that is a bit older (suggested min. age 12yrs) and one who has a bit of previous experience.  We are aim to divide the curriculum for two separate tween sessions so that veteraned tween climbers can practice their belay technique and learn more advanced climbing skills. Meanwhile, our tween class for beginners will get a chance to learn all the basics of climbing and belaying at their own pace.

CLIMBING TEAM – A New structure for 2017. 

Tuesday downtown (Jan. 17) and Thurs. at SMAC (Jan. 19) 5:30 – 7:30pm            

Friday (competitive only) Jan. 20th: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Length of class: 2 hrs    Number of classes: 20 (or 10 if only doing one night)
Just one night ?? **Tuesday OR Thursday** is OK please contact Phil to verify which night


Climbmax’s Youth Team is the perfect fit for the climber who is looking to truly develop as a self-disciplined and self-motivated individual. With the help of our experienced coaches, team members will learn the skills necessary to train safely and efficiently and climb stronger than ever before.  Practices will meet:

Recreational Team: $70 month (1 practices per week (Tues. or Thurs.) – NO additional free climbing per week)

Recreational + Team: $125 month (1 practices per week (Tues. or Thurs.) – free unlimited climbing included per week)

Sport Team: $150/month (2 practices per week – free unlimited climbing per week)

Competitive Team: $195/month (2 climbing practice 1- training practice per week – free unlimited climbing per week)

ClimbMax Climbing Teams offer youth the opportunity to be part of a team experience with the goal of improving climbing skills in a supportive and challenging atmosphere. 
Coaches give direction and lead activities to help young climbers build on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. The young climbers are expected to be self motivated in regards to improving their climbing skills. Daily exercise routines and climbing workouts are a big part of this program. Coaching at local competitions is included.Cancellation Policy
Due to the popularity of these programs, slots are held for pre-registered participants, this often prevents others from signing up. Due to this fact, the cancellation policy is as follows: Any cancellation two weeks prior to start date will receive a full refund. Within two weeks of the start date a refund of the deposit is provided with a 30% sacrifice. Any cancellation after the first session will receive a 50% refund, and no refunds are issued after the completion of the second session. Still not sure ask Phil

DON’T FORGET! All participants must have a CURRENT Participation Agreement filled out prior to climbing.

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A note to our customers. We want to thank ALL of you for your support these last few days as Climbmax Climbing was undergoing yet another amazing expansion at our River Arts location. I know that it may have been frustrating not knowing all the details but unfortunately we were only able to release the information as we got it. From the actual start date to the actual finish date of construction ... we really did not have great insight provided to us from the wall company. SOOOOOOO THANK YOU for your patience and support ... We hope you all liked all of the time our route setters put into the Downtown location to build those excellent routes .... for YOU .... and hope you will frequently return there.
Lastly, a BIG shout out to my amazing staff .... they all worked SO hard to make a cleaner, more beautiful, more climbable, AND more excellent place for our customers. We know you will love it ! (as well as the new surprises still to come !)
Please know that Climbmax Climbing is a community based and locally owned gym .... this means ... That we .... I ... try daily to offer the very best service and facility for you ... our customers, as possible. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT ! Stuart
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