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climbing guidesFor over eighteen years Climbmax Climbing Center has been offering specialized instructional programs designed to meet the needs of any new or developing climber.  We are WNC’s leader in instructional programs.  We specialize in small instructor-to-participant ratios and focus on the minute details that add the most to the educational experience.



Gym Based Instruction and Training

The following take place in one of our indoor climbing facilities.  Give us a call or talk to the gym staff for more information or to make a reservation.  Click Here for more information or to register for one of our courses.

Basic Belay Instruction.                     ~30 minutes                $15.00
A short course designed to help parents or potential partners who do not wish to climb but still want to help assist with the climbing.  This is also a great refresher for those with past experience.  The participant will learn the basic rope techniques and rope management and control.  Recommended for folks 13 years of age and up.  Harness and Belay device included.  Climbing pass NOT included.

Full Instructional Package.                ~1.5 hours                   $35.00

This package is designed as a great introduction to the new or interested climber.  The Full Instruction Package will give the climber some basic climbing terms and movement techniques.  The instruction will involve the proper usage of the harness, the tying of the associated knots, and the proper management of the rope through the belaying device.  Participants are encouraged to stay and use the indoor facility as they practice their new skills once the lessons are finished.  Recommended for folks 13 years of age and up.
Includes: Equipment, Climbing pass, and Instruction.  Reservation Required.

Private Instruction.                              ~1.5 hours                  $35.00
Looking to push past a plateau or work on a specific skill?  Hire an instructor for an hour and a half of private instruction to work on specific objectives one on one. Recommended for folks 13 years of age and up.  Does not include climbing pass or equipment. Reservation Required.

**Climbing Basics Skills Course                 ~3 hours           $40/non-members, $35/members.

This course is an excellent and thorough introduction to top rope climbing in a gym setting.  You will learn about the top rope system, all the equipment involved, how to tie in and belay, commands, and basic movement.  You will learn all the skills one must become proficient with in order to pass a top rope belay test and more!  In a group setting you can expect to hear questions you may not think of and also to meet climbing buddies!  Recommended for folks 16 years of age and up.  Takes place at SMAC.

**Lead Skill Course                                   ~3 hours          $40/non-members, $35/members.

A great introduction to lead climbing in an indoor setting, this class will cover lead belaying, clipping, lead climbing, and falling. This is an excellent course for folks with a little bit of lead experience or those totally new to it.  Participants should be checked off to top-rope belay, use the Autobelay, and be comfortable top-roping 5.9 prior to signing up for this class.  Recommended for folks 16 years of age and up.  Takes place at SMAC.
**Grigri Skills Course                                ~2 hours         $40/non-members, $35/members.

Does your grigri perplex you?  Take this course to learn all about it from a professional climbing instructor.  We will cover top rop belaying, lead belaying, and some simple assistance skills.  Students should be checked off for top rope and lead belaying.  Takes place at SMAC


**All group skills courses take place at the Smoky Mountain Adventure Center and are typically Monday evenings at 4 pm.  Click Here for more information or to register.  Check out the SMAC Calendar to find out when and what the next course is.

Climbing Wall Instructor Certification

Provided in co-operation with American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA)

The Climbing Wall Instructor Program (CWI) was designed in co-operation with the AMGA and the Climbing Wall Association to offer a consistent level of education and training for those individuals that work professionally in an artificial climbing wall environment. Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a three year CWI certification.

Stuart Cowles will provide TWO courses this Spring of 2017
MAY 6th and 7th TOP – ROPE only: At Evergreen Community Charter School
JUNE  3rd – 5th: held at Camp Timberlane in Woodruff WI.
Link to general information and how to apply: here
FILL OUT PDF registration form: registrationform
Email and questions to: stuart 
Provided by our own Climbmax Mountain Guide and Certified Instructor Stuart M. Cowles: AMGA CWI Provider.

climb wall instruct PP

All participants must have an indoor climbing pdfRelease Waiver or an outdoor climbing pdfRelease Waiver filled out prior to climbing.

Outdoor Based Instructional Courses

The following are our group skills courses provided by our outdoor facet of ClimbMax, ClimbMax Mountain Guides.

This full day course is a great opportunity to have a fantastic first experience outside with a significant amount of instruction incorporated into the day.  As a group based course you will have the opportunity to meet other climbers, hear questions you may not have considered, and make new friends!

Cost is $175 per person.

All necessary equipment included.

Click Here for more information or to register.





Want to get out on your own?  This 2 day course covers all the skills needed to get out and go top roping!  We will cover gear placements and anchors, how to set up top rope systems, manage them, and clean them in a safe and efficient manner.


Cost is $300 per person.

All necessary equipment included.

Click Here for more information or to register.




Familiar with anchors and top rope systems and want to take the next step?  Our 2 day traditional lead climbing course will help you navigate the complexities of lead climbing on gear.  Learn more complicated gear placements, take managed falls on gear YOU placed.  Hone your lead belaying skills.  Check it out.


Cost is $300 per person.

All necessary equipment included.

Click Here for more information or to register.


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